About Us


Who We Are

Yurra was founded in 2013 through the partnering of ALM Landscaping and the Yindjibarndi people. The initial focus was to build capacity and capability of local Roebourne people to deliver work to grow the business. In growing the business, it was understood that Yurra would directly contribute to addressing disadvantage within the West Pilbara through employment and training.

Yurra is majority owned by all Yindjibarndi people via Yindjibarndi Wealth Pty Ltd a wholly owned investment entity established for the Yindjibarndi people post the signing of the Land Use Agreement with Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) in July 2013.

Yurra’s balance ownership is by Right Foot Forward Pty Ltd (Liam Wilson) a young, entrepreneurial and community focused businessperson with significant Pilbara experience. Liam, along with Anthony Martin, established ALM Landscaping in Port Hedland. ALM Landscaping was a Landscape Construction business that delivered a number of successful projects in the region whilst engaging with local people. As part of the development of Yurra, all ALM Landscaping staff and contracts transitioned to became part of the Yurra story.

Our Growth Strategy

Yurra’s vision is simple. Create sustainable opportunities whilst also daring to dream big. The initial target was to provide flexible easy entry level job opportunities for Aboriginal people in the Roebourne community.  This led to a focus on cleaning and gardening capability and through discussions and planning this eventuated in April 2014 with Yurra’s first significant contract for Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

In addition to these minor operational contracts, Yurra continued to pursue Landscape Construction projects given the capacity brought into the business through the novation of ALM Landscaping.

Yurra has always invested in having experienced senior leadership that could capably deliver today whilst having the vision to plan for longer term sustainability.  As part of this vision and capability, Yurra’s philosophy on business growth is to first know, understand, and then if appropriate form partnerships with culturally aligned and experienced companies to build capability over time.

Accordingly, Yurra has sort to create long term business partnerships to develop new skills and capabilities as well as project specific Joint Ventures to create exposure and experience. These partnerships currently include, but we hope will not be limited to:

  • DB Yurra (dbyurra.com) – Our Industrial Services business partner
  • BYC (Brida Yurra Collaboration) – Local Grounds Maintenance and Community project partner
  • GBSC Yurra


Aboriginal Advancement

Yurra, whilst majority owned by all Yindjibarndi people, currently openly employs Aboriginal people from different language groups across the Pilbara and celebrates the diversity, primarily seeking to engage local Aboriginal people in the regions it operates.

Yurra respects the traditional owners and their country on which it operates and is open to assisting local Aboriginal people and Aboriginal businesses to succeed with management support, direct contracting or employment opportunities encouraged.


Yurra currently has over 40 staff across the Pilbara with a local Aboriginal employment base of over 50%.  Yurra has Branches in both Wickham and Port Hedland with small corporate offices in both Perth and Queensland.

Yurra has a strong focus on developing the leadership capabilities of our people and in developing each of our long term business partnerships into independent, successful and sustainable businesses.

The breadth of the emerging Group’s business capabilities will provide a diverse range of training and employment opportunities enabling a multitude of career path options for our people.


Michael is a founding Director of Yurra and also the CEO of the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation. Michael is extremely passionate about the development of the Yindjibarndi community and how the Yurra business can leave a positive legacy for his people and all communities in which Yurra operates.



Liam Wilson is also a founding Director of Yurra. Liam brings an entrepreneurial and community focused spirit to this role and is always striving to build upon and create new partnerships for the Yurra business.


JUSTIN BYRNE – Landscape Construction Manager

Justin Byrne has been part of the Yurra story since the beginning. With over 30yrs landscape construction and irrigation experience, Justin believes that Yurra is capable of not just building but creating great landscapes that add real value to the community.


BEN HINE – Maintenance Manager

Ben Hine has also been part of the Yurra story since day 1. Ben has significant landscape and general contracting experience and is a real advocate for the Yurra vision. Ben seeks to drive every opportunity to engage with local people wherever the works might be.


ANTHONY “MARTO” MARTIN – Business Development Consultant

Anthony is a founding Director of Yurra who has since moved onto another business venture. Marto remains part of the Yurra story and is engaged as a business development consultant as he understands the vision and capability of Yurra as much as anybody.



Chris is an extremely experienced accountant who brings a wealth of business knowledge to the Yurra team. Although Yurra has a nimble and entrepreneurial culture we think it is important to match that with an experienced and mature back of house.


TAMARA JOHNSTONE – Cleaning Supervisor

Tam is a long term member of our cleaning team and is on a development path supported by the business. Tam’s target is to run all facets of a successful Yurra cleaning business.



Aden is our new HSE Manager and is extremely enthusiastic about ways we can use technology to become a safer and more efficient business.


JOSH BOORD – DB YURRA Operations Manager

Josh is the operational manager for our long-term DB Partnership DB Yurra. Josh has embraced the Yurra culture and has become a true leader in the engagement and development of local people as we knew he would.



Health and safety management is a fundamental aspect of Yurra’s day-to-day operations and we are committed to providing workplaces for employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors that are incident and injury-free. Our thriving health and safety culture is demonstrated by the involvement of senior management at all levels in the workplace, the ongoing development of health and safety systems, our investment in employee training and our workers safe conduct on work sites.

Yurra is a Category 3 approved contractor with Rio Tinto which again demonstrates our commitments and compliance with HSE and Quality systems.



Yurra’s DNA drives us to be part of the engagement and development of people as part of regional development. We are proud of our achievements including but not limited to:

  • Yurra has over 40 staff, over 50% of whom are local Indigenous Australians;
  • Yurra is Supply Nation Certified; and
  • Yurra is well progressed with our RAP strategy and has a target to obtain RAP Elevate status.